The British Prime Minister David Cameron faced fresh criticism over his Pakistan terrorism remarks when former Conservative party leader Lord Tebbit accused him of running a sloppy, slap-happy government. Mr.Cameron is due to meet President Asif Ali Zardari at Chequers, outside London, on Friday. While he has insisted that he will back away from his comment made in India last week claiming that Pakistan is 'exporting terrorism, he has found himself under from the Right and the Left. According to the 'Evening Standard a senior Lib-Dem leader Sir Menzies Campbell said Mr.Cameron should seek to mend fences by donating even more aid to Pakistan as it tries to cope with the aftermath of its worst flooding for 80 years. Lord Tebbit said that Mr.Camerons remarks exposed a muddle in that most important area of our security, our policy towards terrorism. The former Tory Cabinet minister said he agreed with those who argued that the Prime Minister had blundered on his trip to India. He said that it had exposed the fact that the UK was lecturing Pakistan while still not doing enough to stop the 'export of terror by home grown British extremists. I call it sloppy, slap-happy government. It is time for some disciplined thought and disciplined action. Being a Prime Minister is a serious business, Lord Tebbit said. Sir Menzies who is regularly in touch with senior Liberal democrats members of the coalition government, urged Mr.Cameron to use his aid budget to help repair diplomatic relations. The UK Government must use this visit to rebuild bridges with Pakistan. It is not in our interest to be at loggerheads with a country which is so important to the outcome in Afghanistan and so essential to out national security, he said. The fact that the President has continued with the visit gives us an opportunity to re-establish good relations, not least because of the criticism which he has come under for persisting with the visit. The more generous we can be with aid and assistance with what is now a terrible tragedy, the easier it will be to get on good terms.