SRINAGAR (AFP) - Five more demonstrators died in Indian-held Kashmir on Tuesday as new protests erupted in defiance of pleas for calm. Indian police in Srinagar used loudspeakers mounted on vehicles to warn that 'anyone seen violating curfew restrictions will be shot dead. But state officials denied that an official 'shoot-on-sight order had been issued. Tuesdays deaths again brought huge crowds chanting anti-India slogans on to the streets of Srinagar as the bodies of two dead men were carried on stretchers to their funerals. The central government flew 1,500 extra troops to the region after Omar Abdullah, Occupied Kashmirs chief minister, asked for further assistance to enforce curfew orders that protesters have repeatedly ignored. Police said the latest victims included three young men killed when security forces opened fire to quell demonstrators in Srinagar. A fourth protester died in the southern district of Kulgam when police fired on protesters setting fire to a police post, while another man died in hospital of injuries suffered over the weekend. The death in early June of a 17-year-old student - killed by an Indian police tear-gas shell - set off the series of almost daily protests during which scores of people have been killed, 27 of them since Friday. At least 44 people have died in the weeks of unrest - most of them killed by Indian security forces trying to disperse angry protests. Each death has triggered further violent demonstrations and security crackdowns.