ISLAMABAD The rapidly evolving political situation in the country has pushed the PML-N leadership to take on the ruling PPP by exploiting its weaknesses for long-term gains, political sources informed. Well-placed sources informed TheNation on Tuesday that topnotch of the PML-N has decided to go aggressive against the PPP after President Asif Ali Zardari quits his political office on August 7 by appointing his son Bilawal Bhutto Zardari as partys fulltime Chairman. Similarly, the PML-N leadership has stepped up efforts to evolve a working relationship with the MQM as part of its political strategy to forge new political alignments. According to sources, the PML-N top leaders have contacted the MQM leadership that was also willing to evolve sustainable relations with the PML-N to realise its political ends in the most populous Punjab province. The PML-N has already evolved trusted political ties with ANP, another important coalition partner of the PPP by supporting the demand of renaming NWFP as Khyber Pakhtunk-hwa. Sources were of the view that PML-N was all set to have its new political alignments ready by December 2010. According to the informed sources, the PML-N has been successful in cultivating the ANP as well as MQM as its future political allies. However, sources in the PML-N and PPP did not agree on the ground that both the major political players would continue their existing cooperative relations until the next Local Governments elections. Both the PPP and PML-N have very high stakes in the LG polls, sources said, adding they may be at poles apart after making gains in the upcoming LG polls. However, some sources insisted that PML-N and MQM were coming closer for self-serving political interests. They also believed that both, if agreed to forge a political alignment, could pose serious political threat to the PPP in Sindh Assembly as well as the NA . Both the political players, sources maintained, can also join hands in the AJK Legislative Assembly and thus pose a serious challenge to Muslim Conference-led govt of Sardar Attique.