LAHORE - The Chairman Punjab Industrial Estates (PIE) SM Tanveer has said that Punjab Industrial Estates is currently engaged in a colonization drive aimed at encouraging genuine industrialists, while weeding out speculators through a non-discriminatory and transparent process. In a statement issued on Tuesday, he said that it is indeed encouraging that so far 72 per cent of those in default (225 allottees) have signed undertakings binding them to start production in next 15 months. Another 22 have surrendered their plots. However, a third category of only 10-12 defaulters, are trying to distract matters, he said. The Chairman said that as a desperate act, an in-significant group of defaulters (who had been left out of the main stream) were trying to give PIE managements, sincere efforts a political twist. The fact of the matter is that colonization drive will provide jobs to thousands, besides enhancing industrial output. It has only been possible through the sincere efforts and leadership of Chief Minister Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif, he maintained. The Chairman PIE informed that 100 industrial units (both national and multi-national) were busy in production besides 225 plot holders had pledged to start industrial activities. The sole objective of PIE administration was colonization of the Sundar Industrial Estate, he said. As for setting up of central laboratory and combined effluent treatment plants are concerned the present administration has not stopped working on these projects. As far Power generation plant is concerned, the matter was shelved more than two years back due to non-availability of gas as well as requisite funds.