LAHORE - Political realign-ments have reached climax in Sargodha, Gujranwala and Lodhran, as by-polls in NA-68, NA-100 and NA-155 are going to be on August 5. While, the political lobbyists in NA-68, Sargodha predict surprising results in the by-elections of the said constituency keeping in view the final political realignments and the results of PP-34, Sargodha in which an independent candidate knocked down the PML-N contender, TheNation learnt on Tuesday. PML-N fielded candidate Shafqat Baloch from NA-68 has a one-on-one competition with independent candidate Maz-har Qureshi. PML-Q has withdrawn its candidate, Aslam Kalyar from the said constituency in favour of Mazhar Qureshi sometime back. Local lobbyists told this scribe that in the final political realignments PML-N candidate, Shafqat Baloch have secured the support of estranged local party leaders including Haji Ashraf Kalyar and Farakh Javed Ghumman, as PML-N leaders Kh Saad Rafique, provincial ministers Dost Muham-mad Khosa, Nadeem Kamran and Ch Abdul Ghafoor have assured Kalyar and Ghumman of addressing their grievances. They further said that Kalyar and Ghumman were earlier canvassing for PML-N candidate half-heartedly but after party leaders meeting with them both the local leaders assured their full support to Shafqat Baloch. While, PML-N member provincial assembly, Shahzadi Umerzadi Tiwana, Khawaja Nizam-ud-Din, Munir Qureshi and Ilyas Qureshi were campaigning for party candidate in NA-68. However, the de-seated MNA of PML-N from the said constituency for holding bogus degree, Javed Hasnain Shah is reported to be not taking active part in the campaign of partys candidate and the same was the case of Pir of Sial Sharif regarding PML-N contender. The independent candidate, Mazhar Qureshi from NA-68 enjoys the support of PPP, PML-Q and JI, as Tasnim Qureshi, State Minister for Interior, PML-Q MNA, Anwar Ali Cheema and Ghias Mela and JI leaders were working to grab votes for Qureshi. The clans residing in NA-68 consist of Bhatti, Kalyar, Baloch, Qureshi and small pockets of other clans, while the Bhatti and Kalyar possess major vote bank in the said constituency. Veteran local leaders were of the opinion that the vote of the Bhatti, Kalyar, Baloch and Qureshi was likely to be split 50/50 in favour of Shafqat Baloch and Mazhar Qureshi, while in the neck to neck contest both the contenders were focussing on grabbing the small pockets of votes consist of other clans, which could play a decisive role in success of any of the candidate from NA-68. Meanwhile, veteran political guards in NA-100, Gujranwala talking to this scribe about the by-polls contest in the said constituency observed that 'clan politics always played a major role in the said constituency, while the largest inhabitants of NA-100 were Rajputs and Jatts who strictly observe 'clan code and always prefer to vote for their respective clans. PML-Q fielded Khalid Mehmood Manj from NA-100, while PML-N launched Azhar Nahra and PPP put forward Rana Tassadaq as its candidate. Local political leaders of NA-100 were of the view that 'Rajput vote would be divided among PML-Q and PPP candidates, as both of the contenders belongs to Rajput clan, which could benefit the PML-N candidate who being a Jatt enjoys the support of his entire clan in the said constituency. They asserted that if the PML-Q and PPP have fielded a single candidate, PML-N contender has to face a tough time in the by-elections but keeping in view the current circumstances chances of PML-Q and PPP candidates win are not bright due to the vote split in Rajput clan. Moreover, seasoned local political leaders of NA-155, Lodhran, predict neck-to-neck contest between the PPP candidate, Hayat Ullah Tareen and PML-N backed independent contender, Akhtar Khan Kanju. They asserted that both the contenders in the said constituency equally enjoy the support of political bigwigs of NA-100 and likely to grab more or less equal votes from the big vote pockets controlled by the strongmen of the District Lodhran. Both Tareen and Kanju were focussing to secure the support of new voters and indecisive voters, which could near any one of them to success. However, noted political personality of Lodhran, Nawab Aman Ullah Khan is supporting PPPs candidate, Hayat Ullah Tareen, while independent contender, Akhtar Khan Kanju enjoys the support of known politicians in the said constituency Malik Aslam Awan and Ajmal Kanju.