ISLAMABAD The Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) has closed its gates for the China nationals who have the membership for utilizing the sports facilities at Pakistan Sports Complex owing to security reasons, TheNation learnt here on Tuesday. A source inside the PSB told this scribe that around 50 foreigners including many Chinese had got the membership of the PSB for playing football, tennis, badminton and using jogging track facilities. However, the PSB is not allowing them to enter the premises owing to security concerns. They came at Pakistan Sports Complex mostly for two days to play the games, he said. He revealed that the Ministry of Interior had asked the PSB to close the doors of the Pakistan Sports Complex for all the foreigners due to security reasons. The Interior Ministry has clearly directed the PSB that they would not be responsible for any incident in the premises of the PSC. After receiving clear instructions from the Interior Ministry, the security persons of the was been directed to refuse entry to foreigners. However, the PSB did not fulfil its responsibility and did not inform the members about this decision and mostly foreigners come at the gate of complex but no one was there to guide them properly, he said. A reasonable number of security staff is working in the Pakistan Sports Board and are enjoying handsome salaries but they are trying to avoid their duties. After having security staff, there should be no reason for the PSB to close the doors for the foreigners, he added. Later, PSB spokesman Faik Ali told this scribe that the PSB has asked foreigners to bring NOCs from the Interior Ministry before getting the membership of the complex. If they get the NOC, the PSB will not be responsible for their security, he added. We took this step during the training camps of the 11th South Asian Games 2010 to provide an open opportunity to national athletes for the preparation of eight-nation regional sports event. Now, it is compulsory for foreigners to get NOC from the Interior Ministry before applying for membership, he said.