Some of our friends from Punjab are determined to prove (in words) that havoc brought about by recent floods because of surplus water in the country could have been averted if the controversial Kalabagh dam had existed in Punjab. They also keep insisting that release of fresh water in sea to check sea intrusion is wastage. This is technically wrong as nowhere in the world are surplus flood waters deposited in normal dams like Kalabagh due to technical difficulties. In fact, if any effort is made to control a sudden flash of flood waters, it might not be a success because the tremendous power of high floods may actually wash away the dam itself. Furthermore, a super flood like this comes after a period of 22 years in Pakistan. If we presume this kind of a flood could be absorbed by the proposed Kalabagh dam, should we wait for 22 years to fill up the dam after having spent billions of rupees on its construction and maintenance? May I also point out that experts in various seminars have expressed the view that site of the controversial Kalabagh dam is in earthquake-prone seismic zone and there is also the matter of underground range of salt mines that exist near the dam site. I think some people in Punjab want to control the water of Sindh so they are trying to spread misinformation. They keep insisting that release of water into sea is a wastage despite the fact that in 74 river deltas around the world, fresh water is released to push sea waters back from the shoreline. It is very unfortunate that the pro-Kalabagh dam lobby in Punjab keeps drumming that they are the only well-wishers of the three other provinces and the country but do not consider people of the three provinces to be well-wishers of their own provinces or the country. What hypocrisy? They should, perhaps, be asked why have they remained mum on the untimely demise of Indus Delta? Why is Water Accord 1991, 19 years after its signing, the still not implemented in letter and spirit? Internationally recognized IUCN has recommended release of 35MAF water downstream of Kotri but these people from Punjab are not allowing this to happen. There is a mass migration from the area at present after ruination of the eco-system caused by the dangerous sea intrusion. -MOHAMMAD KHAN SIAL, Karachi, August 1.