ISLAMABAD While taking adequate steps to ensure smooth supply of ration and food items to the flood affectees, the United Nations has arranged the provisions of edible items from alternate warehouses for IDPs in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The food items are now being supplied from World Food Programmes warehouse in Nasirbagh, Peshawar, and Governments go-down in Azakhel, Nowshera, after one of the largest warehouses of UN in Pakistan had been damaged by floods at Pirpai, Nowshera, last week, as reported by TheNation on Sunday. The Nasirbagh warehouse has been leased out by WFP and has the storage capacity of 30,000 to 35,000 metric tonnes of food, while the Government-owned Azakhel food depot can store 12,000 to 15,000 metric tonnes of food. Previously, Nasirbagh warehouse was used for food supply to Afghan refugees staying in Pakistan, mostly at Pak-Afghan borders. But with major damages done to the warehouse at Pirpai, the focus of food supplies at Nasirbagh warehouse has been shifted to the flood-hit Internally Displaced Persons. The magnitude of damages caused to the Pirpai warehouse is believed to be huge and the food supplies from the same depot are completely disrupted currently. Spokesperson, WFP, Amjad Jamal, told TheNation on Tuesday, the family size of the 35,000 families, which are to be provided food items this week, is estimated at 7 persons per family, which means that 245,000 people would receive the food aid by coming Sunday. Of them, around 13,000 families or 91,000 persons approximately have been provided food items. With the improvement in weather conditions, we are scaling up our operations and hopefully we would facilitate a larger number of families next week, he added. He said the relief operations regarding food supplies from the aforementioned warehouses were initiated on last Sunday evening, 1000 families were facilitated on the same day while 6000 families on Monday and Tuesday each, had been provided with dry ration, high energy biscuits, and nutritious supplementary food for kids. Amjad Jamal said that the main focus of food and ration supplies was in the four cities including Peshawar, Charsada, Nowshera and Mardan that were worst affected by the flood in KP province. Talking about the exact magnitude of loss at Pirpai warehouse, the spokesperson said that the damage estimations were going on and any particular figure could be given only after the assessments were finalised. Manuel Bessler, Head of UNs Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), Pakistan, had reiterated during a conversation with this journalist on Saturday that food supplies in flood affected areas would not be disrupted on account of damage to UNs warehouse and UN would carry on food circulation from alternative stockrooms.