One of my family friends, a newly-married girl, was in the fatal flight of Airblue that crashed into hills surrounding Pakistans capital Islamabad. All aboard were killed and so was she. I just dont have the words to express my shock. It is so beyond my sense of understanding to absorb a girl of my age, who had just got married, dying in circumstances as tragic as this. Her face is a faint hallow in my eyes all the time. Death shall, no doubt, come for us all and it will come when it shall. It shall not see the henna on a brides hands nor glow on the face of a newly-wed. The Interior Minister Rehman Malik has again promised an inquiry. He has held innumerable inquiries since he became minister but none of those ever saw light of the day. I am sure this inquiry would also meet the same fate. -SHEHARYAR BANO, Jeddah, July 4.