KARACHI MQM Chief Altaf Hussain Wednesday called for deployment of Army in Karachi to contain the ongoing wave of violence that left dozens of people killed in recent days. During his telephonic address from London to the party leaders at Lal-Qila ground, he invited the military to Karachi and see who was involved in the ongoing terrorism. Altaf Hussain said the military should act indiscriminately against all groups involved in terror activities for restoring peace in the city. It should also take action against the MQM if it was found involved, he added. Talking about the recent spate of violence in Karachi, he said he had given an ultimatum to the president and the prime minister to bring the situation under control within 48 hours but there was no response. Without naming anyone, he said those who claim ownership of the PPP today had actually been slaves of Hindu Banias during pre-partition and the freedom they were enjoying today was due to the Mohajirs struggle. Pakistan came into being because of the Mohajirs, he maintained. He said the Mohajirs had not come to Pakistan empty handed. We are no longer Mohajirs here because it our fifth generation that is living in Pakistan, Altaf argued. The MQM leader said the Punjabis and the Sindhis had warmly received them after the partition of sub-continent. He said the MQM was not against any ethnic group but it had always been targeted. Drawing attention of the Sindhis, the MQM chief said: If you are 200-year old Sindhis, we are also 70-year old Sindhis here. He said innocent people were being butchered in Karachi but criminals and land mafia were enjoying patronisation of some political elements. Stop the people who are patronising the criminal elements, Altaf urged the president, the prime minister and the Sindh chief minister. He also urged them to stop the patronage of Lyari gang war and criminal mafias involved in brining chaos to the City. I want peace in Karachi at all cost. I hate violence. I want Pakistan to make progress and corruption be rooted out, he said, adding he was ready to renounce the party leadership if it could bring peace to the city. He appealed the Indian leaders to give asylum to the Mohajir community of Pakistan. Altaf said: If the 1992-like operation is started against the MQM, will the Indian leaders - Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh - accept at least 50 million Mohajirs who are facing discriminatory attitude in Pakistan?