Our Staff Reporter HAFIZABAD - While medical experts in the country have warned the citizens regarding the dengue fever which might strike during the rainy season (August-September) as rains would play negative role to aggravate breeding of mosquitoes which spread dengue fever but the local health authorities have not made up their mind to spray the breeding grounds like, open drains and narrow streets to eliminate mosquitoes. After few rains, mosquitoes started invading during the nights and due to ever-increasing loadshedding, people particularly the children pass sleepless nights. According to official source, the EDO Health had purchased pesticides worth Rs3.5 million but no spray has far been conducted so far. The citizens here sarcastically say whether the EDO had himself consumed such a heavy quantity of pesticides, is anybodys guess. They have called on the DCO and Punjab Chief Minister to hold an inquiry into likely irregularity being committed by the Health Department officials. Side-by-side holding inquiry, they said that strict order be issued for the spray of insecticides instead of waiting for breakout of any epidemic.