LAHORE The cinemas and theatres viewers sharply decreased by more than 80 percent during the first couple of days of the holy month of Ramazan. Like every year, the film and stage plays lovers declined visiting cinemas and theatres and other entertainment activities as they are observing the holy month of worship and month of forgiveness of their sins by the Almighty Allah. According to the representatives of Film Exhibitors Association, the business of cinema industry reduced 80 percent. The cinemas also reduced their shows from three and four to one and two due to the reverence of Ramazan. Muhammad Arif Khan, owner of Gulistan Cinema told TheNation that they had reduced their shows from three to one. But, he said, the presence of the viewers was too little for even one show. He said keeping in the mind the figures of last years, they had expectations that after fifth of Ramadan, a number of viewer would increase by 15 to 20 percent. The Manager of Plaza Cinema said that it was general practice that the viewers did not come in early first and last decade of Ramadan. He said the entertainment facilities available at home also deterred the viewers to come to the cinemas, adding that most of the City cinemas were screening old movies and the new movies would be showcased on the occasion of Eid. He added that on three days of Eid they got enough presence of the viewers and the total loss during the entire month was compensated properly. Almost all the leading cinemas including Prince Cinema, Metropol Cinema, Shabistan Cinema, Gulistan Cinema, Capital Cinema, Plaza Cinema, Cine Star and Cinegold, Sozo World and Sozo Gold, DHA Cinema and PAF Cinema have decreased their shows and the mid showmostly from 7:00pm to 10:00pmhas been expelled from schedule. Maximum cinemas are showcasing only one movie but some are show more.