LAHORE It seems that all government departments are conjoined to make the lives of the citizens more miserable as now the administrations of the Citys nine towns have decreased the number of subsidised flour bags being supplied to the restaurants, currently functioning as Sasta Dastarkhawns, TheNation has learnt here. On the other hand, consumers have complained about overcharging by the owners of these Dastarkhwans. The owners of such Dastarkhawns while talking to this scribe alleged that the officials of concerned towns are involved in misappropriations of flour bags. They are selling flour bags, fixed for the quota of Sasta Dastarkhawns, in the market to get profit. Some of the owners on condition of anonymity said that due to the poor supply system of the towns, they had to bear extra expenditures for purchasing flour from the market due to which their daily expenses had increased considerably. They said that they were also compelled to use substandard products for preparing food in order to minimise their loss particularly during Ramazan. Muhammad Saleem, an owner of a dastarkhawn functioning at Edgerton Road, said that earlier the town officials were supplying him seven subsidised flour bags of 20kg daily from the fixed quota but they dropped the number of bags from the first of Ramazan and now they are providing only three flour bags daily. He claimed that the number of customers has swelled during Ramazan, hence the flour consumption and other edibles has also increased. He have to bear loss of thousands of rupees daily because government has declared his restaurant as a Sasta Dastarkhawn and he is bound to provide the consumers a complete meal package including one plate of 'salan with two rotis, each of 100 gram in Rs 15 only. He further said that due to rush of customers, he have to increase the number of tanoors for baking roti in order to fulfil the demand of the needy people at the time of Sehri and Iftar. He said that usually labour class came at these dastarkhwans and also used to take food for their families on the same package of Rs 15. On the other hand, some consumers complained that the owners of such Dastarkhwans used to overcharge them while taking plea that the flour bags, provided by the government have ended and they are baking roti from the flour purchased by them. They further complained that the owners of dastarkhwas are charging Rs 4 on each roti and Rs 30 to Rs 40 on one plate of 'salan. They further alleged that these dastarkhwan owners were using lowest quality, cheap and substandard products for preparing such food being provided to the poor consumers in Rs 15. It may be mention here that provincial government has announced to establish over 100 dastarkhawns in the commercial areas, Railway Station and other important intersections of the City in order to provide quality food to the poor on low rates. When contacted, Data Ganj Bukhsh Town TMO Ali Abbas Bukhari said that it was on governments discretion to decide how many flour bags would be provided to each dastarkhwan. For this purpose, the government has formed a committee which is authorised to take important decisions about these dastarkhwans. However, distribution of flour is the obligation of the town administrations. The TMO, who rejoined his duty on Wednesday after leave, said that he would probe the matter seriously and would take stern action against the officials responsible.