A French criminal court said Thursday that it was in favor of launching a probe into an accusation by opposition politicians that International Monetary Fund chief Christine Lagarde overstepped her authority in 2008, when she was France's finance minister. The Cour de Justice de la Rpublique, a special court handling criminal matters involving ministers, said its investigating committee would look into the case and decide whether it needed to question Ms. Lagarde as a witness or put her under formal investigation. The committee, which acts like prosecutors, also can decide to dismiss the accusations. "Without giving any further details, I can tell you it's a decision in favor," of a request to launch an inquiry, said Gerard Palisse, head of the Commission des Requtes, a body in Cour de Justice de la Rpublique charged with filtering legal complaints. Ms. Lagarde, who rejects the accusation laid against her, has said she wouldn't resign as IMF managing director, even if a probe were launched against her.