LAHORE PML-N leader Syed Ghous Ali Shah while expressing annoyance on the decision of becoming senior vice president of the party, said that he was not happy. Talking exclusively to Waqt News at his residence in Karachi, he said that there was a conspiracy behind dethroning him from the presidentship of Sindh. Soon the party will realise this wrong decision. These are the inside matters of my party which I do not want to bring them on media, he added. Shah said the MQM, ANP and the government was behind the anarchy in Karachi. In my government, situation in Sohrab Goth was not good and no one dare to do operation there, but PML-N conducted operation there and the situation got normalised. The PML-N leader said that his party was doing the politics of principles not for the power, and there comes such circumstances in the politics of principles but these circumstances would not last longer. Political coalitions have been made after the announcement of elections. To a question, he said people vote for President Zardari in order to get their problems resolved but he did nothing in this regard.