LAHORE Jamaat-e-Islami has decided to hold a referendum on September 16 to elicit public opinion for an end to the US slavery that has cost the country over 30,000 deaths, caused serious threat to nuclear assets besides economic losses to the tune of 70 billion. The decision was made by the JI planning committee headed by party Secretary General Liaquat Baloch at a meeting here on Wednesday. The JI will hold a referendum campaign from September 11 to 15, linking the event with the grand drama staged by the US under the name of 9/11. Camps will be set up at mosques, bus stops, railway stations, airports, highways, and important crossings. Public will be approached at their door step to give their opinion about the US slavery and drone attacks. Seminars will also be held at media centers on September 11. The JI will acquire the support of leading lawyers, retired judges, intellectuals, media persons and ulema for securing the public opinion. Detailed instructions for the referendum have been issued to the JI offices at provincial and district levels besides sister organisations.