LAHORE The provincial dispensation is sleeping over the proposal of the Jinnah Hospital administration for securing second connection from another grid station, which is hampering health service delivery at the leading tertiary care hospital, much to the agony of the suffering humanity. Though the Jinnah Hospital has double electricity connections from Allama Iqbal Town and Garden Town feeders, but both are from the same grid and the Hospital machinery goes off the power hook when the loadshedding schedule is actualised. Previously, the schedule was different for a feeder that was allowing normal functioning of the Hospital. But later, the grid-wise schedule virtually rendered the second connection useless and made it difficult for the hospital administration to ensure normal functioning during long loadshedding hours. Soon after the revision in load management plan, the Hospital administration approached the Lahore Electric Supply Company for securing an electricity connection from a different grid station to ensure normal functioning at the healthcare centre during loadshedding. On getting demand notice of Rs 9.5 million about one month back, the Hospital administration approached the Punjab government for getting permission to secure a second connection. The provincial dispensation has yet to give any response that caused the Hospital administration to continue managing outages through alternative source of generators that could not run sophisticated gadgets like MRI, CT Scan, Angiography equipment besides hampering working at Intensive Care Units and Operation Theatres. Consequently, patients have to wait for hours in queue to go through the exercise of getting their important tests prior to initiating their proper treatment. This is not only causing delay in the care, the patients suffer more, while medics are helpless as well. Secondly, patients remain without proper air-conditioning even in this hot and stuffy weather, which multiplies their agony. The Hospital administration, while trying to do its best, had to keep the lights and fans functional, which does not mitigate the problems of the suffering patients. The Board of Management of the Hospital does not exist for the last over a year. Due to the absence of the BoM, the Hospital administration approached the Punjab Government about one month back for getting approval for the second connection, said Principal Allama Iqbal Medical College Dr Javaid Akram, adding, absence of second connection was hampering normal functioning of the Hospital during electricity outages. He said the generators did not provide smooth power supply that hamper functioning of sophisticated gadgets and working at ICU and Operation Theatres. Only important equipment are operated on generators. During outages, air conditioners become inoperative that is causing hardships for patients in muggy weather. Moreover, outages also disturb studies of students staying at hostels, he said, adding the hospital administration desired to get approval for the second connection and had asked the provincial government to provide some funds and not the entire amount of Rs 9.5 million. He said the Hospital administration would manage the remaining amount from its own resources. He expressed hope that the government would allow the hospital administration and would provide some funding for securing second connection in a week or so and the healthcare centre would start functioning normally.