The CJP in a recent statement has rightly said that since the restoration of independent judiciary, public at large had great expectations from the judiciary to deliver. In fact in the present scenario, judiciary is the only hope of the deprived and helpless people of this country. All other institutions and so-called rulers have miserably failed to come up to the expectations of the poor masses. There was a time when all the state-run institutions were doing booming business and the nation was enjoying the fruits of prosperity and development. Every basic necessity was within the reach of a common man. Rule of law was supreme and even the elite class had respect and honour for judiciary. But then the time changed and anti-state and anti-people elements entered into the corridors of power and started implementing their agenda of self-interest and divide and rule. So far they are successfully doing their business. They have badly shattered and damaged the three pillars of the state and now they are bent upon conquering the fourth one. They have made mockery of the constitution and have locked their horns with judiciary and they are least bothered to abide the judiciarys verdicts. Due to the mismanagement of the corrupt and inefficient rulers, terrorism and lawlessness are rampant in the country and no one is safe here. Business activities are almost at the verge of collapse due to non-availability of natural resources. No one is ready to invest here and brain drain is in the full offing. Our dear country seems to be isolated in the comity of the nations. In the present scenario only judiciary is boldly trying to take the bull by the horns and cleanse the society of the so-called leaders, and therefore all eyes are set on judiciary now. It is high time that the sane elements of the society give supporting hand to the judiciary and let it accomplish its mission to purge the society of the black sheep, before its too late. MICHAEL KAROLUS, Lahore, July 28.