LAHORE - Ahead of the upcoming Punjab Assembly session, PML-N legislator Dr. Zamarrud Yasmin on Wednesday submitted a resolution in the Assembly Secretariat, stating that the Federal Government take a notice of un-Islamic activities at foreign embassies. Citing an alleged gathering of the homosexuals at an embassy in Islamabad last month, the lady lawmaker has observed that Pakistan is an Islamic country where no un-Islamic activity should be allowed at any foreign mission. The august House recommends to the federal government to keep a watchful eye on all meetings taking place in foreign embassies; and no such activity should be allowed which raises alarm in Pakistani society. The House also shows its concern at a recent gathering of homosexuals at an embassy and wants assurance that such an activity will not recur, the resolution further reads. It merits mentioning here that once a resolution has been submitted in the Assembly Secretariat, it is not necessary that it will be taken up and approved by the Assembly. The Speaker has the authority to reject any resolution in the public interest before it could become party of the Assembly business. And if the Speaker of the Punjab Assembly allows the mover to present his /her resolution in the House, it can be adopted only after a majority of the members present in the House at that time support it.