OUR STAFF REPORTER MUZAFFARGARH - PML-N leader Iftikhar Ahmad Khan said that his party thought that the formation of new provinces for administrative purpose is the need of hour. He said that some elements of PPP were deceiving the people of Saraiki region by growing prejudices on linguistic basis. But Nawaz Sharif while addressing the party session said that he was not against the formation of new provinces and creation of new administrative units, Iftikhar said. By supporting the people of Saraiki region, he has won their hearts. He further said that the PPP government and his agents were trying to mislead the public by raising non-issues to avoid their anger about corruption, deviation from judicial decisions and other national institution. PML-N to lose Senate poll: Q-leader: The Muslim League-N is trying to topple the government by non-democratic means due to fear of expected defeat in the upcoming senate election, PML.Q Muzaffargarh president said.s Addressing a party meeting, Malik Muhammad Mudassar said that Sharif brothers attacked Supreme Court and now they were showing their sympathies with the judiciary. Mudassar further said that Pervaiz Elahi will visit Muzaffargarh very soon. He said that notification of the supervisory committee of PML-Q officials to supply essential items at utility stores.