It is very much disconcerting to note that the PPP-led setup is considering creating a Saraiki Province. Given the countrys political and economic situation, the move will only amount to opening a Pandoras Box, with the people in different parts of the country demanding separate provinces on the basis of language. What is even more distressing is that the PPP is taking this step merely to weaken the PML-N and counter its expected anti-government movement after Ramazan. Already as reported by this paper, Prime Minister Gilani is busy in political wheeling and dealing; he gave an Iftar dinner to partys parliamentarians belonging to South Punjab on Tuesday. Also a team of politicians tasked with the job of carving out a new unit was setup. The PPP needs to back away from taking this catastrophic step. There is but little doubt that the country is not in a position to have a new province with all its paraphernalia, ranging from new ministries to administrative setups. There is absolutely no doubt that the formation of Saraiki province will stir up a hornets nest of ethno-linguistic discontentment creating more fissures in an already polarised society. There is besides, a long list of sub-regional groups of people that have for long been demanding a separate province. It remains to be seen what impact this step would have on the former princely state of Bahawalpur, whose call for a separate unit is decades old. Likewise, there is Hazara, and several distinct groups of people in Balochistan, not to mention the call to turn Karachi into a new province. The people in these areas would then go up in arms for the fulfilment of their demands for separate provinces. The creation of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has already caused a lot of frustration among other ethnic groups, who say that the change of name has specifically suppressed their separate identities. Given the prevailing situation, devising more political and administrative units would mean a great disservice to the nation.