KARACHI (Agencies) - The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has not yet thought of challenging the International Cricket Council (ICC) amendment, which blocks political or government intervention in the affairs of the member cricket boards, instead it has sought views of its governing body members on the issue. "At the moment there is no plan to legally challenge the amendment. We have in fact asked our governing body members to give their views on the two main issues of the amendment made by the ICC which is free elections and government interference in cricket matters," a PCB source said. The source pointed out that the two main points of the ICC amendment were that there should be free elections in the Board with no member or official being appointed by any government or political person and the government having no say in matters like management, administration, selection etc. "We are studying how far is it possible for us to implement the amendment recommended by the ICC because of the different cricket culture and environment of Pakistan," the source said.