ISLAMABAD - The Supreme Court has observed that second FIR in the Benazir Bhuttos assassination case can be lodged. According to the court verdict released Wednesday, the second FIR can be lodged in light of the judgment of the apex court in Wajid Ali Khan Durrani vs Government of Pakistan (2001 SCMR 1556) case. On Tuesday, Chaudhry Muhammad Aslam, who had served as Benazirs protocol officer for about 21 years, appeared before a three-member bench headed by Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry and prayed that he should be allowed to lodge second FIR. According to the order, the petitioner has explained that he is primarily interested in lodging the FIR and associating himself with the criminal proceedings as he himself was injured in the incident, which took place on December 27, 2007. A three-member bench of the Lahore High Court Rawalpindi Division has denied relief to Mr Aslam inter alia on the ground that the petitioner has approached the court after considerable delay in lodging the FIR. According to Ch Aslam, the LHC had not correctly applied the law on the subject regarding registration of FIR by a person, who was informer and or otherwise aggrieved. Similarly, in exceptional circumstances, a right of a person to lodge FIR cannot be taken away by the lapse of time. Moreover, the importance of the case itself cannot be denied but at the same time, we have to keep in mind that all the cases have to proceed in accordance with the law and the constitution, the court observed. Therefore, the court issued notice to the attorney general to appear and assist the court and place on record the copies of reports pf the Scotland Yard investigation team and the probe conducted by Additional Inspector General of Police Ch Abdul Majeed.