We have experienced in Pakistan that the party leaders assume totalitarian powers behind a facade of election at lower tiers which results in logjams and musical chairs to take their tern in making anti-people policies that result in power, water, gas shortages and crisis of inflation that makes life miserable for the masses. The Holy Quran at various places condemns the so-called leaders who would land their followers in hell where they would enter into mutual recriminations. In fact what we require is a party-less election to directly elect a president as Head of the State as well as Head of Govt. while MNAs and MPAs can be elected on party-less basis to perform legislative functions only without aspiring to become ministers. The cabinet may be formed by technocrats with relevant experience of their portfolios. In this manner HEC could not have been disremembered by politicians elected on the basis of bogus degrees which were to be scrutinized by HEC that was thwarted by politicians. The only way to achieve consensus on such vital issues like hydro-electric dams would have to be decided not by politicians but by general referendum called by the President who would be a party-less Head of State with a balanced approach on national issues. He/she should not be hamstrung by political party heads, which ought to be disbanded in any case. We have had a bitter taste of party politics that observe no rules of the game and have produced only master opportunists that aim at feathering their nest or make hay while the sun shines. DR. MUHAMMAD YAQOOB BHATTI, Lahore, August 3