I have read the news item in the Nation of Aug 03,2011 about the latest deadline set by Dr Samar Mubarikmand of December 2013. How long will this charade continue while the country continues to suffer.Under Ground Coal Gasification (UCG ) is an experimental technology with no commercial application as yet. Thar Coal Development has been held hostage by Dr Samar's promises that keep on moving. In a meeting in the planning commission on July 16,2009 it was decided that while Dr Samar will pursue the UCG option, another project will be launched to build a Test Mine by diggingto establish the mineability of the deposit and to obtain bulk samples for evaluation. As the UCG announceddeadline by Dr Samar was Dec 2009, the conventional mining approach was not approved by the Deputy Chairman, the deadline keeps moving and with itDr Samar gets extensions and grants while not a ton of coal has been obtained for processing or evaluation. Last deadline was March 2010 then Aug 2010, now that Rs 900 million have been released the deadline has been moved to 2013. In Dec 2011 Dr Samar's one year term will end. There should be no more extensions. PCSIR has a Fuel Research Centre with experts in Coal Technology, If Dr Samar is unable to produce 100 Megawatts power using USG by Dec 2011 his project should be wrapped up and all resources transferred to PCSIR. Development of Thar will start when we start digging to mine the coal. Dr Samar has already wasted three years and millions of rupees in afield in which he has no experience or expertise. We needCommercial Coal Miningexperience and a Test or Development pit to get the coal out. No more deadlines. DR FARID A. MALIK, Lahore, August 3.