Al-Quds Day was observed across the country to express solidarity with Palestinians with traditional zeal. The observance of annual Al-Quds Day was conceived originally by the Iranian revolutionary leader, Ayatollah Khomeini to express solidarity with the Palestinians while declaring that the liberation of Jerusalem was a religious duty of all the Muslims.

Even though there is no denying the fact that the conflict remains one of the key problems bedeviling the peace of the Middle East and also that of the world to some extent, it has not resulted in the kind of united Muslim stand needed for its resolution.

The beleaguered people have been facing immense persecution since 1940s when their lands were grabbed and an illegitimate superceding state was thrust on them. The victims were forced to leave their homeland only to become refugees while others have been subjected to massacre, violence and torture. Unfortunately, as of now, the Muslim countries are so embroiled in their own unrest, violence and extremism that the focus has been diverted off from this protracted dispute. Even, Muslim organisations like the OIC and the Arab League look the other way.

Coupled with this is an ignorance of the basic history of the regional conflict. While the common man expressed great enthusiasm and solidarity for the rights of Palestinian brothers, there is a woeful lack of proper education on what the key points of the issue are. A viable debate from within the Muslim world is needed, raw emotion cannot take its place if success is to be had.

At present, some ray of hope has been afforded through the efforts of the US Secretary of State John Kerry aiming to secure a way out of the decades long riddle. It is good to know that the talks initiated in Washington include Israeli, Palestinian and American representatives. They have set themselves the ambitious target of discussing a methodology to reach a Two-State solution within a nine-month deadline. One wishes the Palestinians every success in this effort to regain their homeland.