The government is placing enormous stress on formulating an energy policy at the level of CCI according to which the country would become self sufficient in energy by the year 2017 in four years hence. There is however; no effort in evidence for formulation a water policy that would involve construction of mega hydroelectric dams that are feasible to operate in the medium term like Kalabagh dam. The utter lack of a solid and practical water policy that would also usher in generation of dirt cheap energy has escaped our leaders. India on the other hand goes ahead at breakneck speed to build hydro-electric dams ostensibly on run of the river basis but instead erecting gates on dams to store water that would disrupt water supplies to Pakistan.

What is needed therefore that our planning wizards advise the Prime Minister to go in for a workable and viable water policy that would not only ensure proper storages of our river water to promote our agriculture but also provide cheap power to run the wheels of our industry. The vital role of hydro power from dams and storages of water is the panacea for all our woes. The ever declining water resources and ever increasing price of fuel based energy would sooner than later doom our economic survival and pose on existential threat to the country which is written in bold on the walls provided our rulers can read it, or want to read it. Time is of essence and the nation’s patience is wearing thin and not in a mood to wait for a decade or for sour grapes dangled before their eyes each day. We need a Kalabagh dam to truly meet our urgent needs that cannot brook any further delay.


Lahore, August 1.