Unmanned railway crossings were originally allowed in remote rural areas where the number of vehicles and pedestrians passing through such crossings was small and accident on them were unheard of. In course of time due to urbanisation and population growth the traffic over many of these crossings has increased manifolds and so has the probability of a mishap.

It has therefore now become imperative for the local or provincial government concerned to construct proper crossings, in the shape of an over-bridge and under-pass or a level crossing of standard design. The railway administration should pursue with these governments to do so urgently and at the earliest. This ought to have been done long ago but unfortunately the authorities concerned have not done their duty in this regard and what is more unfortunate is that when an accident occurs, the blame is put on the railway administration.

Our impatient drivers cause many accidents and the same was the cause for this incident. The drivers generally try to cross the track even when they know a train is coming putting the lives of passengers at risk. If the driver is not dead or seriously injured himself he runs away from the scene of the accident and nothing is heard about him. Minister for Railways should take up the issue firmly with the respective provincial government and also clarify the position of the railway administration in such matters under the law.


Islamabad, July 25.