The legendary Urdu cricket commentator Munir Hussain died in Karachi due to cardiac arrest at the age of 83. Munir Hussain was a great contributor to the growth of Pakistan cricket. He was also the founder of famous Urdu cricket magazine Akhbar-e-Wattan.

He got many awards during his distinguished commentary career. He was presented the Best Urdu Commentator of the Decade Award (1985-95), the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation, and the PCB's World Cup Legends Award presented on the 10th anniversary celebrations of Pakistan's victory in the 1992 World Cup.

Munir Hussain belonged to a generation which has very few members left and those who are, are pushed out of active life. Munir Hussain was also a great cricket analyst. It is the dilemma of our nation and society that we forget our legends too early; the Urdu commentary will never be the same without Munir Hussain, and it’s not the death of a man but the death of a magical voice, a voice which will always be remembered in the hearts and ears of Pakistani cricket lovers.


Lahore, August 1.