In what capacity did former Chairman of Pakistan Women Cricket Board accompany the team on their recent trip to Ireland, when her term of office expired in 2012? Was she there in the capacity of a coach, an advisor, a caretaker, or just another free loader? When you stop on a red traffic light, even when there is no cop standing there, this reflects your inbuilt integrity and commitment to rule of law, on the other hand, if you stop on the same red light only when traffic cop is visible, than you behavior can be attributed to the of fear of being penalized.

The so-called self-assumed moral brigade of this country, who never spare an opportunity to have any financial benefits, get an LPG quota, or embark on free foreign trips, irrespective of their being legitimate or otherwise, must either reform themselves, or stop lecturing others about justice, equal opportunities and supremacy of constitution. It is such people who having assumed the role of leaders, and devoid of any principles, have contributed to complete devastation of moral fiber of this country, for they are not role models, but just the opposite. This is what is defined as hypocrisy, or those who cannot walk their talk.


Sukkur, July 1.