JEDDAH - Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif asserted on Saturday the ruling party would maintain the tradition of taking all stakeholders on board, saying a policy of vendetta has never been part of the slogan of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz.

Exchanging his views on national affairs with a Pakistan Journalist’s Forum delegation, the premier stated the country was facing huge challenges of terrorism, sectarianism, energy shortfall, economic crisis and resourcelessness but they would be resolved through mutual cooperation taking everyone along.

“Pakistan is mired in debts and to put an end to power crisis and poverty, generation of resources is extremely important, because until achievement of economic stability terrorism cannot be controlled,” Nawaz told the delegation that came to his residence to congratulate him on his assuming the office of prime minister of Pakistan for the third time.

“The country is faced with terrorism and extremism and for their elimination, we have to adopt the rule of law, so that we can be called a civilized state; that economic crisis in the country comes to an end, and a new political culture may come into being,” he added.

 “We have never had the passion of any kind of vendetta,” he said of his ruling party, adding it was his desire that all those practicing exile abroad came to the motherland and played a collective role towards its development and progress, and with a new custom of set the tradition of collective service to both the country and the nation.

To a question about former military ruler Pervez Musharraf, Nawaz replied an inquiry commission was working in this respect and that he could say something only after its results.

In response to another query about Pakistan-India relations, the prime minister affirmed Pakistan always wanted peace in the region. But he said his government wished that the two countries set the limit of their defence budget, arguing that due to the previous wars between the two countries damages had been incurred only by the people and that the country had gone backward. “When we have a strong economy there would be no one to put pressure on us, there would be no terrorism, no attacks from outside or diktats,” the premier told the delegates who were led by Forum chairman Ameer Muhammad Khan.

Nawaz informed the delegates that construction work on such a dam was in progress that would also give benefit to the agriculture sector and increase generation of power.