The Multan Electric Power Company (MEPC) employees are virtually eating away the company earnings, especially in rural areas. Their modus operandi is somewhat like this, they almost never visit people’s homes in the villages to read the meters but each month send them a fabricated bill containing high consumption figures that do not tally with the actual meter reading, which scares the consumer. The ones who refuse to regularly grease their palms continue to receive inflated bills every month, which the consumers cannot afford to pay, and the employees then come along to cut his connection for nil payment. A consumer of village Lundi Pitafi dist Muzaffargarh last winter received a bill for Rs. 50,000 with a totally fictitious reading and when he sought justice, the company’s authority in Jatoi totally disregarded all his pleas and continued to harass him only because he would not compromise on his integrity.

This is how the company employees are forcing the consumers to negotiate regular payoff with them and are bleeding the company. Let’s not talk about electricity theft, I assure you even one person cannot steal electricity unless the people from the organisation are with them. The story in the cities is not much different I assure you. We need to weed out the corrupt element from all our organisations and put a stop to this daylight robbery costing the country in millions.


Muzaffargarh, July 29.