LAHORE - Announcing to observe Youm-i-Shuhada Day on August 10, PAT chief Dr Tahirul Qadri in a surprising revelation claimed that he has the audio tapes that establish Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif’s connection to Model Town tragedy.
While making this disclosure in an address to party’s general workers convention at PAT and Minhaj headquarters on Sunday, Dr Qadri said: I will make public the tapes of CM’s phone calls connecting him directly to June 17 killings at an appropriate time.
He warned the government of a march towards Jatti Umra, Raiwind, if the peaceful gathering of PAT and Minhaj workers on Youm-i-Shuhada (Day for the Martyrs of June 17 incident) was disrupted under any pretext. He directed his followers to stage crackdown against the policemen who would crack down on the peaceful PAT and Minhaj workers on that day .
Dr Qadri said that government should not take their peaceful conduct as weakness, as PAT and Minhaj workers possess the will to resist any oppression if someone tries to make the things nasty. He said that the current month would be last for the rulers in power and the masses would witness a change next month.
PAT chief said: My followers are struggling for a revolution and not independence (azadi). But we wish well all the forces struggling to dislodge the incumbent rulers. He said the ruling family should decide as quickly as possible for the procedure of surrendering their corrupt and inefficient rule or the masses would throw them out of power.
Dr Qadri claimed that rulers had sent the police officers abroad who were involved in Model Town incident. He added that PAT had adopted a legal and constitutional way to register a FIR against the alleged persons but the FIR was not registered leaving them with no option but to lodge strong protest for the acceptance of their demand.
The religio-political leader said that PAT could take on the Raiwind palace on the day of June 17 but it was not their way of getting justice. He said there was no writ of law and constitution in the country, as the corrupt rulers had not the capacity to maintain law and peace.
PAT chief said that even animals in the West enjoy such rights as have been denied to people in Pakistan. He added that PAT through its protests also wants to highlight the issue of serious human rights violations in Pakistan to the western nations. The workers and leaders of PAT allies, including PML-Q, Sunni Ittehad Council and Majlis-i-Wahdatul Muslimeen, were also present on this occasion.
Meanwhile, all the workers and leaders of PAT and Minhaj have been directed by their high command to take along burial cloth and copies of Holy Quran with them on August 10.