LAHORE- The government should immediately move to end the emerging dangerous political deadlock in the country said President Punjab PPP Mian manzoor Ahmed Wattoo , in a statement issued today.
He warned that delay on the part of the government in this regard would nudge the situation to the point of no return filled with dangers to democracy. He added if the political system was derailed the whole responsibility will be on the shoulders of the incumbent government .
He observed that the government had number of options to defuse the situation but one failed to understand as why its mandarins were not appreciating the gravity of the situation. The government leaders should open dialogue with the PTI even if it has to resort to door crashing for this purpose, he urged.
He said that the government should also reach out to the rest of political parties with a view to handle the situation because they were also the stake holders in the system. They are genuinely worried over the situation which has been going from bad to worse, he stated.
Wattoo said that the government should desist from using the petty tactics of pre-emptive arrests of the leadership of the political parties those were contemplating to protest on August 14 for acceptance of their demands. Such actions will further isolate the government , he observed.
He cautioned that the third time pre-mature dismissal of the PML(N) government having comfortable majority would seal its political fate in the future as it would establish the fact of their inability to get along with other political forces in a spirit of reconciliation and accommodation.
He expressed his dismay over the reluctance of the government in accepting the demands of the PTI that in turn had permeated the impression that the government was hiding something of highly objectionable nature.
He also called upon the PTI leadership to take deep breadeth and play its role in the Parliamentary Reforms Committee formulated to plug the holes in the electoral system.
He reaffirmed that the PPP would defend democracy at all cost adding rights of the people of Pakistan were the most precious politics close to the manifesto of the Party.