If the accusations are indeed true, that the government/establishment/army/supernatural forces are trying to get rid of the MQM, then Altaf Hussain is not making their job any harder. Altaf Hussain while tele-addressing the MQM’s Annual Convention in Dallas, Texas, ordered his cohorts to protest outside United Nations, White House, and NATO demanding military intervention in Karachi and made the most entertainingly misguided statements about India, the “coward” that left its Mohajir offspring in the lurch.

With their eyes glazed over and fists clenched the MQM Rabita Committee, once again, had to defend, interpret and sugar-coat the words of Altaf Hussain. ‘He did not say what he said!’ is what Dr Farooq Sattar, tried to say. But unfortunately, he did. He did say that India should have done a better job at protecting the Mohajir community. He did say that the Mojajirs were being “slaughtered” in Pakistan.

Altaf Bhai addressing people in the US, so he had to put up a show, but this was too entertaining, to say the least. On top of that, the man is very agitated due to the Karachi operation. His anger, unwisely, is coming out in these terrible speeches almost free from intelligent thought. The MQM was a large, legitimate, powerful political party, but Altaf Bahi has consistently been cutting it at the knees. While the poor harangued and harassed souls of the Rabita Committee would like us all to take Bhai’s words with a gallon of salt, why should we? Nine-zero has been haemorrhaging weapons and piles of unexplained money, and the MQM is yet to give a credible explanation about its links with RAW.

While the MQM awaits the “indian rescue” that Altaf Bhai is so desirous of, maybe he should consider shifting the whole party to India. He has to run the party from the UK anyway, does it matter is his oft humiliated minions are in Pakistan or India? At least that way, Altaf Bhai and RAW can be open about their relationship. The situation is at a point where his speeches aren’t even broadcast by local news channels. It is not because channels are not allowed to do so, but because the speeches are so inflammable, that channels risk the ire of security agencies.

When Altaf Hussain repeatedly threatens to leave the party, he should not be the only one in the party thinking about his resignation. The MQM might just be better off without its loose canon if they believe in any of the principles of democratic fair play and political competition. When the party leader makes such incendiary statements on behalf of the party, the whole party is complicit, Rabita Committee and all. More of these anti-state speeches and Altaf Hussain will make sure that his party meets a bitter end.