Several international donor bodies often donate a variety of items such as computers, printers, fax- machines, photo-copiers, scanners, among others, to different public sector organizations at federal and provincial organizations. Nowadays, the quality of these donated items has become debatable in the quality conscious circles in our society. Like many other well wishers of the international donor community, I am of the view that had the international donor organizations followed the international guidelines, as they follow in other quality conscious needy countries, the substandard or poor quality of the donated items would not have become a proverbial talk of the town.

Admittedly, purchase and procurement of quality items, in our morally backward and corrupt society, where corruption reigns, is indeed a grave challenge but if the international donor community is determined then they can turn the tables. For this to achieve, the country heads of different international donor bodies are requested, that while purchasing the quality of the items must be kept in mind, because poor and substandard quality of donated items brings a bad name to the donating company. Although the international donor community has sponsored a number of projects in our country but much is required to achieve the desired results.


Islamabad, July 24.