If Shahid Afridi had selected singing as a career instead of cricket and if Rahat Fateh Ali Khan had selected cricket instead of singing, would they have succeeded? Who knows but they selected their careers on the basis of their talent and passion that’s why they are successful. Now universities are announcing admissions, students are confused regarding career`s selection and there is no one to guide them make the right choice.

Teacher’s advice students on subjects about which they know, instead of finding out the student’s talent or passion. Parents have their own view of what they would like to see their child do and the poor student is crushed between these illogical suggestions, based on someone’ opinion, not his or her own desire or talent. I would like to request parents and teachers to play a positive role in this most important decision of career`s selection and choose what the students would like and what their passion is, because it become more effective when passion and career both come together.


Karachi, July 28.