District Police Officer Sohail Zafar Chattha has assured that a strategy to purge the district of crime has been formulated. In this connection, Anti-Terrorism Act’s clause 7 will be included in all murder cases in the future besides the under trial cases, he added.

Talking to the media men at press club here, DPO Chattha informed that murder for the sake of honour would be registered on behalf of the police in future and Clause 311 would be included such cases to shut doors on any reconciliation process. He pointed out that currently crime ratio in the district was the highest as compared to other districts in the province. He declared that citizen residing both in urban and rural areas would be provided relief and security at any cost. The district police have been determined that the public will not be left at the mercy of miscreants, Mr Chattha pledged. He expressed his resolve that the police would not spare criminal involved in abduction for ransom, cattle and vehicle lifting and snatching, drug peddling and land grabbing. The DPO sought cooperation of the media and general public to fight against the outlaws and make the district crime free.

Earlier in a meeting, Mr Chattha urged the religious scholars to avoid provocative and sectarian speeches, saying that stern action would be taken against all such elements under the National Action Plan. He also urged the religious scholars to discourage the trend wall chalking and misuse of loudspeakers. Meanwhile, the journalists community assured DPO Chattha of all-out support for maintenance of law and order in the district.