The Anti-Terrorism Court (ATC) rejected the bail request of one of the accused in Perveen Rahman murder case, Azam Swati, on Monday. 

During today's hearing, prosecution lawyer Advocate Salahuddin Panhwar presented his arguments, he said that setting the accused free would put the lives of witnesses in danger.  

Advocate Panhwar maintained that Azam was the son of Raheem Swati [the prime accused in the case]. He further argued that chances are there that the accused will flee if granted bail.

Therefore, as a result, the court rejected the bail plea and announced the previous reserved verdict on Azam Sawati's bail plea. 

Furthermore, the court has also reserved verdict on main accused's [Raheem Sawati] bail plea. Advocate Panhwar then requested the court to provide security to him and the case's witnesses.

Perveen Rahman was the Director of the Orangi Pilot Project (OPP). She was killed in a targeted attack near the Banaras fly-over in Orangi Town in March 2013. Perveen was a vocal activist working against the 'land and water mafia' in the metropolis. 

The court has declared other accused of the Perveen Murder's case [Noor Muhammad and Ahsanuddin] absconders. 

The court adjourned the hearing till August 10.