KARACHI - Research is very valuable in medical profession and local data gathering must be promoted in Pakistan.

This was stressed by a founder of Pakistan Research Initiative (PRI) Dr Nauman Hashmani, an MBBS and a research associate while delivering his lecture on ‘Learn how to write a research manuscript’ at a seminar held on first day of this three-day 39th Karophth and First Pak Cornea Conference organised by the Ophthalmology Society of Pakistan (OSP) here at a local hotel. Young researchers can do miracles at international level if provided with much needed resources, he said and added that this will also help us to fight with different ailments. Research and Development (R&D) funds should be enhanced.

He said that the PRI was founded to promote academics and research within the Pakistani community. There is a severe lack of knowledge and motivation for new students and through this initiative, we'd like to bring that to the many students in Pakistan, he added.

“We not only want to promote the idea of publishing but the idea that data gathering is more than simple publications, it helps you change communities and the medical world at large,” he added.

Dr Nauman was of the view that students and post graduates are all filled with myths in the technical nuance and difficulty of publishing and doing research. We want to show people how to take the step from creating a simple research question, to executing that research and in the end how to publish and share your results, he added.

“We want to break the myth that only top level professors and hot shot doctors have the privilege of having their opinions heard, this is against the very ethos of research world,” he lamented.

The PRI hopes to bring basic research, manuscript writing and statistical analysis workshops to throughout Pakistan. This will be possible if the enormous interest from the students continues to pour in, he added.

Later, Senior Ophthalmologist Prof Daud, President OSP Centre Prof Nadeem Hafeez, President Karachi Prof PS Mahar, General Secretary Prof Mazharul Hasan and Chairman Scientific Committee Prof Fawad Rizvi inaugurated scientific exhibition organised as part of this event.

Renowned Eye Surgeon Dr Sharif Hashmani, Dr Misbah Aziz, President Elect OSP Dr Qazi Wasiq and CEO Hashmanis Group of Hospitals Arsalan Hashmani were also present.