LAHORE - The district administration on Friday declared The Mall a “model road” and banned spitting and littering on the historical artery of the city. The ban will be effective from August 7.

The administration warned violators will be punished with fine up to Rs1,000 as part of beautification of The Mall. The administration has removed all illegal signboards on shops, restaurants and commercial buildings.

It will be a challenging situation for the Lahore Waste Management Company Enforcement inspectors who will be imposing the fine on commuters and betel leaf chewers.

An LWMC spokesman told The Nation that the company had already been imposing fine on litter throwers on The Mall. Thousands of people chew paan/gutka and spit on open spaces.

The Mall houses some of the historical buildings, which date back to 18th century, such as Governor’s House and Punjab Assembly and Chief Minister Secretariat.

Lahore’s only statue of Sanskrit Prof Alfred Woolner, former vice chancellor of the Punjab University, is located on The Mall outside Punjab University’s Old Campus.

Dubai has also imposed similar fines on spitting and littering at public places.  An anti-spitting ordinance exists in New York City since 1886. In 2013, London’s Waltham Forest council (area) became the first local authority who successfully prosecuted two people for spitting in the street.  Anti-spitting campaigns gained momentum in London in 2009 and other world capitals as well.