Over 130 Pakistanis were massacred in Mastung and another 4 killed in Bannu. Among those killed was Siraj Raisani of BNP, contesting from PB-35 and over 200 critically injured, while in Bannu MMA candidate Akram Durrani survived suicide attack. Hundreds of thousands have fallen victim to terrorism, a legacy of Zia and Musharraf, yet those included in fourth schedule have been allowed to contest elections. 

When will we realize that only Quaid’s doctrine and vision of modern democratic welfare state is sole path for our survival as sovereign independent state and not Ayub or Zia or Musharraf or Kiani doctrines? The Constitution must be supreme and rule of law visible. Every state institution, including elected executive, judiciary, bureaucracy and security apparatus must understand that they are there to serve people, whose collective interest defines national interest and security of their lives and property primary objective of state. For far too long, this country’s assets, resources and land have been abused by few, who having benefited the most, have abandoned it and moved their families and wealth, both legal and illegal abroad. Pakistan was created for welfare of its citizens and not for benefit of land mafia, or to be a haven for tax evaders and financial criminals or religious extremists. 

It is not just inhumanity of beasts responsible for brutal massacres in Mastung, but shocking immunity of electronic media who were too preoccupied seemingly in a choreographed coverage of convicted former PM Nawaz returning back and election advertisements. With exception of two private TV channels, others were least bothered, as if this had occurred in another continent. The head of political party was busy campaigning in Narowal, as if it were business as usual. 


Lahore, July 14.