National Accountability Bauro’s head, Javid Iqbal had taken a marvelous step to manifest the accused in Balochistan. In recent regime of Sharif’s government 85% of national funds were swallowed by ministers. But no one could dare to ask the ministers about the corruption scandal because every individual was in chaos of his own safety in order not to be the victim of politicians trap. In this province, no one has freedom of speech of his/her rights. 

According to Javid each denizen of Pakistan is the debtor of one lakh seventy thousand owing to corruption scandal. Pakistan is the debtor of ninety cror dollar of IMF. Having unfair use of resources, the country’s economy deteriorated adversely. So, the initiative of Iqbal reveals numerous black money from the accounts of ministers. It will be the mere hope of public for a better governance in upcoming regime of Balochistan’s government. 


Overseas Kech, July 12.