NOORPUR THAL/SIALKOT-The Pakistan Council for Social Welfare and Human Rights (PCSWHR) has declared the July 25, 2018 general elections as the most free, fair, transparent and peaceful.

It expressed complete satisfaction over the polls. Talking to the newsmen, PCSWHR Chairman Ejaz Noori stated that the polls would be helpful in strengthening true and durable democracy and boost the national institutions. He said it would pave the way for the protection of the basic rights of the people.

He said that the people used their right to vote in a record number which shows public trust in the national institutions.

The PCSWHR chairman said that Pak Army played its pivotal role in ensuring the transparency and fairness of the general elections in Pakistan by taking all the stakeholders and national institutions on board in this regard.

Likewise, PTI's MNA-elect Malik Muhammad Ehsanullah Khan Tiwana said that the journey of change was unstoppable and the old oppression-based political system of the country was taking last breathes now.

Addressing a public gathering, he said that the PTI had solutions to all problems being faced by the country. He said that the people of Pakistan had reposed their trust in the leadership of Imran Khan that was why the PTI achieved massive victory in the recent general elections. He said the Pakistani youth had put their weight for bringing a revolutionary change in the country and no one could dare giving support to the obsolete political system.

Malik Ehsan said the wave of change was attracting the whole masses of the country and the people of Thal had also awakened to greet the coming revolution. He said the youth were the vanguard of the change and they were determined to change the fate of their country. He mentioned that Imran Khan wanted to bring improvement in all the sectors like health and education on priority basis. The PTI government, he said, would put in a place a comprehensive strategy for the betterment of the common man. He thanked all his voters and supporters who placed banners in his favour in the constituency NA-94 from where he contested and won the election.