I fail to understand commercial marketing strategy of PIA management by restricting checked-in baggage on domestic flights to 20 kgs when all other competing private airlines allow 32 kgs. If the objective is to dissuade passengers from travelling by PIA on domestic sectors, than this is perfect policy, because it makes no sense. This is what happens when airline is run by bureaucrats and political cronies, who neither understand dynamics of commercial aviation, nor are familiar with client profile.

It would be far better to close national airline than allow it to bleed continuously because of mismanagement and revenue decline. Almost $790m is being remitted to foreign countries whose airlines operate out of Pakistan. Facilitating Gulf based airlines by allowing A380 to carry over 680 passenger, means additional transfer of scarce foreign exchange. If government had will and objective to turn around PIA, they would have appointed men with integrity and commitment like Saigol or Nur Khan, not likes of Shujaat Azeem, Irfan Elahi, Aijaz Haroon etc. Changing uniform or aircraft livery are cosmetic matters which will not increase revenues.

PIA should focus on reliable schedules, update IFE system and recapture its lost clientele by providing direct flights from hubs where loads originate for Europe, USA, Gulf, Far East etc. which it has lost to Gulf based airlines. Can any sane commercial aviation marketing executive explain why PIA has ceased operating direct flights to Kuala Lumpur from Peshawar, Lahore and Islamabad giving space to Malaysian low budget airline which now operates 5 weekly flights from northern hub. PIA is diluting its high load revenues on Karachi to Lahore/Peshawar/ Islamabad sectors by carrying passengers arriving from KL to Karachi with no additional yield.


Lahore, July 15.