Human-rights are moral principles that describe certain standards of human behaviour and are regularly protected as legal rights in municipal and international law Human-rights are the rights inherent to all human-beings regardless of race, sex, language, ethnicity and religion.

The five basic human-rights are, right to equality right from discrimination, right to life, liberty and personal security, right to freedom from slavery, torture and degrading treatment.

Human-rights violations start when the state or non-state actors abuse, ignore or deny basic human-rights including, civil, political, cultural, social and economic rights.

Wars of aggression, war-crimes and crimes against the humanity including genocide are the breaches of an international humanitarian-law and represent the most of human-rights violations.

Human-rights had always been violated from time to time during every regime, umpire and dictatorial rules.

At the end of second world-war during last century many post-war international changes and developments had taken place.

United States and soviet-Union had emerged as big-power following the end of “The League of Nation” U.N and the Security-council had been formed with five of its permanent members 4.5, U.K, France, Soviet-Union and China each one of them decorated with the dictatorial right of “VETO POWERS”.

Lastly some of these powers, fore-seeing their future world order, their national interests and promised commitments with the Jury of Zionists had decided to make certain geo-graphic and the geo-strategic changes in Various regions and Therefore the British ruling Government of India at the time of leaving the Sub-continent had partitioned it into two Independent sovereign countries India and Pakistan and handed-over the ruling-power to an elected political-party “The Congress”. The British Government had at the same-time, playing a role of dishonest and dirty arbitrator between India and Pakistan had left behind a time-bomb of an Un-resolved is of the state of Jammu and Kashmir, which with passage of time has today become a nuclear-Flash-point, a global-concern and a serious threat of regional, global-peace and an example of Human-Rights Violations.

The ruling government of India, dominated by Hawkish Hindu political-leaders, who were allergic to the concept and name of Pakistan, against its creation had decided to carry-out massacre of Muslims all over India mostly in the East Punjab of India. It was the biggest and historic Muslim massacre and the Holocaust, during which the Human-rights had really been violated, abused and molested. The painful memories of tragic and horrible period of partition of India 1947, un-fortunately escaped the attention of world-media, Western Governments and the Human-right champions the Human rights international organizations till today are still preserved in my memories. In Kashmir at the same time, the people of Kashmir had also started their movement for their self-determination and consequently Human-rights violations had started there and continue till today.

The Kashmir Issue remains un-resolved till today by U.N. security council, therefore in Kashmir today, gross human-rights are being violated by the Indian-forces day and night round the clock over the people of Kashmir along with their killing blood-shed, pallet-gun fires, gang-rapes right in front of the eyes of big-powers.

At the end of Second World-war, the big powers had implanted illegally a Jewish state of “ISRAEL” over the soil of Palestine against the wishes of local population. Consequently, anger, opposition and resistance of the local population against ISRAEL had therefore started which continuous till today.

Therefore, as a result of un-resolved issues of Kashmir and ISRAEL by the U.N. Security Council, national, Political, an economic interest of the big powers with India and ISRAEL that the attitude of big-powers has also changed and it is “To Hell with Human-Rights and their violations”. Moreover might is right.

It is a historical-fact that Pakistan had been in good books of U.S for a long-period; it’s most favourite and obedient. It is also true that the ruling dictators of Pakistan, ignoring the geo-political and geo-strategic location and value of the country in the region had failed to achieve its major issues with India resolved with good-will, intervention of U.S, its influence over India, and its powerful role in U.N Security-Council.

Instead the ruling dictators of Pakistan had committed criminal political historic blunder of handing over its national air, ground and sea facilities to U.S and the NATO Forces during war against terrorism in Afghanistan.

Big-Powers and the U.N Security-Council are therefore responsible for gross human-right violations in Kashmir, GAZA, Middle East and Afghanistan.

Long-time ago during the war against terrorism in Afghanistan, one day a lady-doctor Dr. Afia Siddiqui had been picked-up from Pakistan, flown to Afghanistan, kept her there in the jail in worst inhumane conditions for a long-time and finally shifted her to U.S.A where the court had convicted and sentenced her a long eight years Jail. Dr. Afia Siddiqui is therefore passing her sentence in Jail in U.S.A today.

On the other-side, about two years ago when a U.S citizen Mr. Raymond-Davis, a U.S Embassy employee had killed a Pakistani in Lahore and recently another Pakistani had been killed in a road-accident in Islamabad by the U.S citizen working in U.S Embassy.

However, keeping in view long Pak U.S relations, intervention of the good offices of Pakistan and a patch-up with the affected families, both of them had been flown-back home. Safe and sound against the expectations of the people of Pakistan.

The Judiciary of every country is independent and its decisions are honoured and highly respected.

Keeping in view the Pak-US relations, as a good-will and for great desires of the people, the president U.S.A is therefore humbly appealed to forgive and free Dr. Afia Siddiqui from the jail.

People of Pakistan would be grateful and appreciate this precedent.


The writer is a senior citizen, who has served the Ministry of Health, Kingdom of Saudia-Arabia. At present, he is working as a medical specialist in a charity medical centre.