LAHORE­ - A man shot dead his wife and her father in the name of honour in Sherakot, police said on Friday night. The alleged killer later surrendered himself to the police. The bodies were moved to the morgue for autopsy.

The deceased were identified as Amna Bibi, 28, and her father Saleem, 50.  The double murder took place at a house located in Abu Bakar Street (House No 49-B Block) in Sherakot late Friday. The alleged killer, named by police as Irfan, was sent to the police lockup.

The latest killings come barely one day after a man killed his wife at a house in the same police precincts and fled.  A police official told The Nation that Irfan attacked his wife and then her father after a brief altercation over some dispute. “The killer shot his wife in the head inside the house and then immediately opened fire on his father-in-law outside the house. Both the victims died on the spot,” the official said.  The shooting triggered panic in the low-income neighbourhood. The police reached the spot and arrested the gunman. The suspect told investigators that he killed his wife and father-in-law to save family honour.

The police later also registered a double-murder case against the accused and launched the investigation.

The incidents of so-called honour killing are not rare in this province where thousands of people are murdered over various disputes every year. Hundreds of women, mostly girls, are also killed by their relatives for bringing shame to the family.  The new laws approved to curb honour killing in recent years have also failed to stop such murders in the country.

 The Parliament had passed the Anti-Honour Killing Laws (Amendment) Bill 2014 in March 2016. The laws bind the law enforcement agencies to treat the honour killing as heinous crime and the state would act against the killers in case they would be pardoned by the relatives of the victim.

In recent years, there was no respite in the incidents of honour killing despite harsh punishment for the culprits. In early June, a young man and his wife were shot dead by unidentified gunmen at their house situated in a private housing society in Nishter Colony police precincts.


Following their love-marriage, Salman and Noreen had moved to Lahore. They were residing at a rented house when unknown attackers barged into the house and fled after killing the couple. According to police, both the victims were shots in the head.


The Punjab province witnessed at least 1,850 registered incidents of ‘honour killings’ from 2011 to 2016. According to official statistics, at least 328 persons were murdered in 2015, 404 in 2014, 388 in 2013, 366 in 2012, and 364 in 2011. Large majority of the victims were women.