HAFIZABAD      -   As many as 192 acres of state land were retrieved from illegal occupants at Mahra village after 50 years here. According to official sources, Deputy Commissioner Naveed Shehzad learnt that some influential suspects of Mallah community in Mahra village had been occupying 192 acres of agriculture land for the past fifty years, and no one dared retrieve the land. The DC deputed Assistant Commissioner Abbas Zulqarnain who, along with police, visited the village and retrieved the land from the illegal occupants. It is to be noted that the administration is yet to take action against the accused including Walayat s/o Shera, Waryam s/o Shera, Mukhtar s/o Shera, Zafar s/o Malla, Azmat s/o Hayat, Binyamin s/o Nawaz, Munir s/o Khan Muhammad, Qasim s/o Lala, and Sultan s/o Shera.