18th amendment of 1973 constitution is a milestone event in Pakistan history since it has brought so many changes in the constitution. Similarly, this historic move has amended 102 articles and restored the constitution and the provinces were given autonomy.

Besides this, NWFP’s name was changed to Khyber Pakhtoonkhwan (KPK) and further, the spelling of Baluchistan and sind were changed to Balochistan and Sindh respectively which are in use today. More importantly, article 6 deals with the heinous offense of high treason that has undergone two changes of great significance. First, the word ”suspend” was introduced in the article, second, neither any high court nor the supreme court can confirm an act of high treason. These closed the way for dictatorial governance forever.

In the chapter of fundamental rights, three very essential articles were introduced, 10-A, “Right to a fair trial”, article 19-A “Right to information” and article 25-A “Right to education”. These three changes have brought an amazing chance for the citizen because the right to free and compulsory education act guarantees the people for free education from the age of 5 to 16.

Unfortunately, some hidden hands want to demolish these amendments from the constitution which will give a great source to the dictator to rule the county. I want to draw the attention of the public that this amendment is a huge victory for Pakistan. Instead of opposing it, we must favor it since it is all about the basic rights of the individuals. The government must make itself stronger in this regard.