Balghter is located in Turbat, but it is deprived of the basic facilities. Balghter people are fed-up of living in this place because they are not getting their rights. Schools, hospital, electricity, nothing is available there. In Balghter there is no good school where children can read and brighten their future. The children are working and wasting their times. There is also no good hospital and the patients are dying. There is no doctor to treat the patients. People take their patients to Turbat, which is 125 kilometers away from Balghter.

If we talk about electricity in our area, we never see any towers. Panjgor electricity towers are located in front of Balghter village still they are not giving electricity to Balghter people. The solution of the problem is that we have to be together and work for our own Balghter. We should ask our leaders for sending our messages to the government. I request to all political leaders to take action about Balghter and solve the problems.